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Our recipes

The Ligurian recipes are well known as tasty, elaborate and generally cheap. The notable use of vegetables and aromatic plants make the courses healthy, balanced and suitable for all needs and specific diets.

Here follow some ideas from Ligurian cuisine to bring the flavours of our region on your table

July Recipe ...“Our Cundiggiun”

The "Cundiggiun" is a typical rich and substantial Ligurian salad that can be served as a single dish.

There are different versions with ingredients that vary from area to area and we offer our own:



2 boiled and chopped potatoes

1 handful of boiled green beans

1 yellow pepper, roasted and without skin

2 tomatoes

4 artichokes in oil

cracked basil

2 bunches of rocket, washed and chopped

200 g of tuna in oil

12 pitted black olives

4 hard-boiled eggs

4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

12 anchovy fillets in oil


1 garlic clove (optional)


homemade toasted bread


  • In a large salad bowl, cut the tomatoes, the pepper and the potatoes into slices
  •  Add the green beans, the artichokes, the basil, the rocket, the tuna, the anchovies into small pieces, the black taggiasca olives, the hard-boiled eggs cut into slices
  •  Season with extra virgin olive oil, a little vinegar, salt and a crushed clove of garlic and left whole. Mix well and serve the cundiggiun accompanied by slices of homemade bread toasted and rubbed with garlic

 Enjoy your meal!!


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