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Our recipes

The regional recipes of Liguria are well known as tasty, elaborate and generally cheap. The notable use of vegetables and aromatic plants make the courses healthy, balanced and suitable for all needs and specific diets.

Here follow some ideas to bring Liguria flavours on your table

March - April Recipe

On April 28th at Il Rosmarino  we'll host a themed evening on pesto made with mortar 

(for information and reservations click here),

A recipe that is much more than a sauce and a pasta condiment: it is an ancient art that is handed down from generation to generation, like the mortar on which it is prepared.

Not everyone today has a "mortaio" at home or the time to prepare it following the delicate process that brings the leaves of basil and become pesto, and so here is our "modern" version that, for purists-of-pesto we call "Crema di basilico": 

  • Carefully wash the basil leaves and dry well.
  • Place the ingredients in a blender, previously cooled into the freezer, strictly following this order:

 - 1 pinch coarse sea salt

- 1 tuft of parsley to make greener the sauce 

- ½ clove garlic and a nut of butter

- 1 handful of Italian pinoli (pine nuts)

- ½ glass of extra virgin olive oil.

  • Blend until you get a creamy paste, then add

- the dry basil leaves a few at a time,blend for a few seconds every time.

  • To end add :

- 2 spoonfuls of first-quality ground parmesan cheese.

The pesto can be poured into an air-tight container and kept in the refrigerator not more than 1 week .


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