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Savona : ceremics museum

in Trekking, More | 26 April 2015

photo by Sam2907 Flickr


In the heart of the old town of Savona, only 30 minutes by car  from La Meridiana, the house “Palazzo del Monte di Pietà” host one of the most important and elegant collections of ceramics composed of thousands of works that cross eras and styles.

Do not forget to organise your visit to the "Museum of…

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in Liguria Outback | 30 March 2015

Zuccarello was founded in the Middle Ages: in 1998 the village celebrated its 750th birthday with an impressive historical pageant.

Seems that the old town was built by the inhabitants from Christmas 1248 to Christmas 1249 and in an ancient historical document has found a curious pact : decreed that those who had not completed his residency by the due date would be…

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Mountain Biking and Tourism: a different way to discover Liguria

in Mountain Bike | 17 March 2015

The Finalese plateau is bursting with biking trails running between the mountains and the sea.



The “Highway” of the Ligurian mountains holds extraordinary beauty for lovers of outdoor excursions and boundless panoramas. As it winds its way like a terrace above the Ligurian Gulf, the highway’s 17 stages (12 affording direct access to the coast) spans a distance of 626 km. The “Highway” is the…

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