Liguria, by La Meridiana


in Liguria Outback | 30 March 2015

Zuccarello was founded in the Middle Ages: in 1998 the village celebrated its 750th birthday with an impressive historical pageant.

Seems that the old town was built by the inhabitants from Christmas 1248 to Christmas 1249 and in an ancient historical document has found a curious pact : decreed that those who had not completed his residency by the due date would be…

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Countryside : discover the unsual “Entroterra Ligure”

in Liguria Outback | 09 March 2015

There are many interesting things to see in the outskirts of Garlenda and the valleys around Albenga.

Small towns and villages may seem all alike to the hurried tourist, but it is not so: every hamlet has its own castle, its legends, its special features. It will be a surprise the ligurian Entroterra (inland countryside): the colours, full of bright green forest, the pure…

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Pieve di Teco e la “Via del Sale”

in Liguria Outback | 04 March 2015

In a strategic position halfway between the coast and the North of Italy, is Pieve di Teco. It has been a market town since times immemorial.

Pieve di Teco - La piazzetta con la Chiesa di San Giovanni - ( Photo by D.Papalini )

Long before the Romans conquered the region traders from the plains and the mountains met here to…

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