Liguria, by La Meridiana

Via Iulia Augusta: the archeological promenade

in Mountain Bike, Alassio and Laigueglia, Albenga, Trekking | 22 January 2015

A stunning archeological promenade:  don't miss to visit !

The Via Iulia Augusta is an ancient Roman road whose construction began in 13 BC by order of the  'Emperor Augustus'  in order to complete the link road between Rome and the southern coast of Gaul , leading up to Arles.

The remains of the original road layout…

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The Roman Bridges in Italian Riviera

in Trekking, Liguria Outback | 02 January 2015

Discover the beautiful mediterranean forests, find shelter between panoramic hills and ancient roman ways into the west Ligurian hinterland  !

(photo settecapelli

To little kilometers from the coast and the beach, you can find the emotional path of the roman bridges in Val Ponci , up to the Manie plateau in Finale Ligure's area.

Reach the location…

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Rainer Kriester in Vendone

in Trekking, Liguria Outback | 02 January 2015

A small Stonehenge in the heart of Liguria:

the sculpture park of the artist Rainer Kriester in Vendone, a magical spot full of suggestions and emotions

( Photo Credit by "dady2" ) 


Framed by two tall cypress trees and nestled in a verdant meadow, in Vendone, the park is composed by  pillars, totems and big heads, made with Finale’s stone, which…

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