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Mountain Biking and Tourism: a different way to discover Liguria

in Mountain Bike | 17 March 2015

The Finalese plateau is bursting with biking trails running between the mountains and the sea.



The “Highway” of the Ligurian mountains holds extraordinary beauty for lovers of outdoor excursions and boundless panoramas. As it winds its way like a terrace above the Ligurian Gulf, the highway’s 17 stages (12 affording direct access to the coast) spans a distance of 626 km. The “Highway” is the perfect marriage of sport and scenic beauty.

Tens of bicycle trails depart from Finale Ligure that are suitable for street and mountain bikes. The variety of trails offers vigorous challenges for the performance oriented athlete, as well as the opportunity for tourists to combine physical exercise with cultural and recreational activity, making Finale Ligure the home of  several important biking events.

*Since 1999, the “Finale Ligure 24 H MTB Festival ” a three day event involving thousands of mountain-bikers from all over the world, has combined mountain-biking, music, entertainment, food and wine at a level unparalleled in Europe. In 2012, the “Wembo World 24 HR” was hosted in Europe, comprising a spectacular kick-off for the Festival, as well as a great opportunity for all of the local mountain-bike lovers to witness their favourites in action! Over the past years, riders and sports journalists who have tested the famous “Finale Ligure 24 HR” “ring” have called it one of the most exciting race tracks of their career.

*Since April 2008, the Historical Bicycle Tour has run the Milano-Sanremo highway, starting and finishing at Finalborgo; a long line of vintage, chrome bicycles with cork seats and artisanal, hand made handle bars follow in the tracks of Binda Girardengo, Coppi and Bartali, Moser and Saronni, men who trained to ride the “Classic” on these dirt roads.

Thirty-six km from Garlenda lies Bardinetto, in the Val Bormida area, which is reachable via the highway toward Garessio. From both Bardinetto and Calizzano, you can take one of many trails of medium length and varying difficulty. These trails cross some of the most majestic scenery that the Ligurian inland has to offer as they run along the foothills, immersed in the lush beech, chestnut, oak, birch, spruce and Scots pine forests, finally taking you to the summit of Mount Carmo and Mezzano.


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