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Via Iulia Augusta: the archeological promenade

in Mountain Bike, Alassio and Laigueglia, Albenga, Trekking | 22 January 2015

A stunning archeological promenade:  don't miss to visit !

The Via Iulia Augusta is an ancient Roman road whose construction began in 13 BC by order of the  'Emperor Augustus'  in order to complete the link road between Rome and the southern coast of Gaul , leading up to Arles.

The remains of the original road layout are detectable between Albenga and Alassio, where traces remain of  ancient pavement and tombs dated I Century BC.   One of the most interesting point is located at the western end of the city of Albenga,  where the Roman theatre still faces the town and the plain around it.    The complete distance is 3 miles walk: a highly recommendable excursion of great archeological and environmental interest along a plain, beautiful path facing the mediterranean sea.

Other roman buildings can be seen in the area: one of them is “il Pilone”, a pillar-shaped funerary, but along the lane you will find more ruins since the whole area was a necropolis and imposing funerary monuments flanked the road.

Running along Via Iulia Augusta (photo by LissaFly)

Those who feel like walking longer can complete the trip along the Roman road as far as the Chapel of Santa Croce, overlooking Alassio and its bay: a full immersion in the mysteries of history and in the charms of the Mediterranean landscape.


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