Liguria, by La Meridiana

Villanova d’Albenga

in Liguria Outback | 27 February 2015

The name of the village, “New Town”, explains its origin. It was founded in the 13th Century when the powerful Albenga needed a crown of fortified satellites all around to protect itself and its rich territories from envious neighbors.


Villanova, the first of several “little daughters”, is therefore a miniature copy of mother Albenga, but here the Medieval walls are almost entirely in their original place and are extraordinarily well preserved. Morover, Villanova is only 3 kms far from La Meridiana!

A walk in the narrow alleys, now full of flower pots and geraniums, can give the idea of life in the Middle Ages in a country village.

Do not miss a visit to the interesting “ Museo dell’Olio”  in the nearby village Arnasco,  if you want to learn everything about olive oil.


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