“Il Bistrot” at La Meridiana

The Bistrot at La Meridiana is not as formal, but just as warm and charming. It offers the freshest products from the Albenga plain, which are both simple and delicious.

Open every day for lunch , the Bistrot reserves a special place for typical Ligurian cuisine: ravioli with borage and ricotta, trofie with pesto, potato and anchovy tortini, stuffed pumpkin flowers......

Olive pâté and hot focaccia, minestrone alla ligure, panissa and other regional specialities await you for a gourmet time.

At the "il Bistrot" courses are simple and tasty: meat and fish are often prepared "in pieces", adding Pigato wine and tiny black olives from Taggia.


,The "Bistrot" is the ideal place for a quick lunch in a cosy setting.