The wine cellar

cantina5.jpgFor over 20 years Edmondo Segre has been carefully selecting vintages and producers and now has a very special collection. Those with a passion for vertical wine tasting can find all the Solaia, Sassicaia and Tognanello vintages from 1978 onwards, and discuss the evolution of wine in different climates and over the years.

Edmondo's friend from Asti, Aldo Griffa, chose the first selection of wine and guided him on his journey towards the discovery of the wines from the Piedmont region by taking him to the most renowned vineyards. In 1988 his friendship with Veronelli, a great admirer of Ligurian cooking, gave him the passion for "good food", for the land and for people who know how to liven up and have respect for flavour.

Gino Veronelli, with his memorable stories about wine, his travels and his "time on the road" certainly inspired the route that "La Meridiana" took: passion, simple refinement, and a constant search for quality.